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United We Stand

United We Stand

Lahser Jr. Michael Lucci tenses his body, preparing to stop the opponent from taking a shot on net.  As the attack man dodges at Lucci from the left, he checks his stick, trying to knock the ball out.  He misses and the attack man rips a shot on the net.  SAVE! Andover Sr. Ari Cicurel [...]

Time To Turn Around

Time To Turn Around

Sophia Gilardone It’s Friday night and the football team is warming up for the big game. The lights turn on, and the game starts, but right from the beginning there is something different. Is it that the players are making mistakes? Or maybe the fans aren’t pumped up enough? Whatever it is may cost us [...]

Lahser Student’s and Parents/Guradians

Volley for a Cure-  Lahser V.S. Andover Wednesday October 20   7P.M. LCLC leaves Wednesday October 20th and will return on Friday the 22nd

Sophomore Sensation

Sophomore Sensation

By: Ryan Tosiant Summertime, to most, means catching up on much needed sleep.  To Michael Gawlik, it meant catching up on his competition.  Gawlik, a sophomore at Lahser transformed his role on Lahser’s cross country team, from ‘pack runner’ to ‘lead runner.’  Michael started his second season on the team when school ended in June- [...]



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